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About Us

About Us

CAIN Health was formed in 1999 by Wm. Scott Cain to provide revenue recovery and management services to hospitals and physicians across the country. Over the years CAIN Health has helped Providers recover and save tens of millions of dollars through our unique approach to Revenue Cycle Management. As the environment has changed over the years CAIN Health’s service offerings have as well.

Our focus has become increasingly clinical as Third Party Payer Audit Programs have become the norm rather than the exception. Today CAIN Health offers programs that manage all aspects of the payer audit process, including process management, appeals and provider education. We also have programs that address Patient Status Determination, Clinical Documentation Improvement and both diagnosis and procedure Coding. By integrating these clinical based services with our traditional offerings in Patient Account Billing and Follow-up, CAIN Health provides solutions across the full revenue cycle continuum.

CAIN Health offers a full range of services to Hospitals and Health Systems throughout the nation. All of our services are provided on a virtual basis thus allowing CAIN Health to bring a very high level of knowledge and expertise to healthcare facilities of any size and in any geographic location. These services are provided on an as needed, pay as you go basis, thus providing a level of expertise generally not found in many areas at an affordable cost.

CAIN offers a wide range of revenue cycle management products and services for hospitals, physicians, and healthcare systems. We believe our services will allow you to accomplish your financial goals and make sound decisions, to help you reach these goals.

Our Services

  • Third Pary Payer Audit Management
  • Cain Physician Advisory Services
  • Readmission Control
  • Patient Status Manager
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
  • Coding
  • Patient Account Billing
  • Patient Account Follow-Up
  • Denial Management
  • Third Party Payer Accounts Receivable Funding
  • Patient Responsibility Funding Programs