Welcome to CAIN Health

Our Services

  • Third Party Audit Management
    This service is the healthcare industry’s answer to the threat of government and third party claims audits.
  • Physician Advisory Services
    CAIN has a network of over 100 utilization review nurses and case managers as well as over 250 physicians representing 75 specialties.
  • Patient Status Manager
    This service offers hospitals access to CAIN clinical networks of utilization review nurses and physicians to address questions of patient status (admit, observe or treat and release).
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
    CAIN CDI is a concurrent process under which hospitals have access to the CAIN network of clinical document specialists to receive a full range of clinical documentation services.
  • Coding
    Through CAIN’s secure network, clients can outsource ICD-10 coding to our certified coding specialists.
  • Readmission Control
    CAIN’s service begins with outreach by one of Cain’s Registered Nurse (RN) Health Coaches.
  • Patient Account Billing
    Services are provided using the client’s patient accounting systems, thus eliminating the need to move files to assign accounts and the monthly reconciliation of account inventories.
  • Patient Account Follow-up
    CAIN can work in unison with their in-house patient account billing service or can be provided independently.
  • Denial Management
    If CAIN is providing account follow-up services, these services are included as a matter of definition.
  • Third Party Payer Accounts Receivable Funding
    CAIN, working with its network of financial partners, offers a broad range of alternative financing products to the healthcare industry.
  • Thrive: Patient Responsibility Funding Program
    Thrive combines patient funding with our award-winning customer service and call center to optimize self-pay revenue capture.