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Readmission Control

CAIN’s service begins with outreach by one of Cain’s Registered Nurse (RN) Health Coaches. Immediately after patients leave the hospital, they are contacted by an RN Health Coach who assesses their health status and identifies any potential problem areas. A key role of the Coach is to make certain patients are properly informed about essential follow-up care and self-management requirements, have their medications and understand when and how often to take them, are properly educated about potential problems and know when to reach out to their physician.

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What to expect from CAIN’s Registered Nurse (RN) Health Coaches:

  • Health status assessments
  • Essential follow-up care
  • Self-management guidance requirements
When appropriate, the Coach will contact the physician for additional information, intervention and to coordinate follow-up care. Cain’s Patient Transition Coaching Program is not only a valuable cost-control tool, it is extremely cost-effective. Fees for the program are based on a one-time rate for each enrolled patient. This fee covers all short-term services including: RN health coach assessment and evaluation of the patient’s status and needs, patient education and patient monitoring in the first four weeks following hospital discharge.