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Thrive: Patient Responsibility Funding Program

Thrive helps you effectively collect self-pay responsibilities. Through our program, we will provide you with tools and support that will maximize efficiency and revenue capture during initial patient contact. This shortens collection cycles by qualifying patients, within seconds, for our no recourse, credit-based financing program. This means, through the use of Thrive, the burden of collecting patient self-pay responsibilities will be alleviated almost entirely.

Your funds will be deposited directly within 72 hours of patient funding. All necessary reporting will be delivered to you, allowing you to record the transaction quickly and efficiently. When your patients use Thrive, you are paid faster, safer, and without fear of recourse.

Thrive combines patient funding with our award-winning customer service and call center to optimize self-pay revenue capture. The program cost to you is minimal – 15% to cover all program costs – meaning 85% of a patient’s self-pay responsibility will be collected by you within three days. All patients with a FICO score of 540 or greater are eligible to apply. The process is fast and simple.

For those patients who don’t qualify, we offer a Non-Credit Based Patient Installment Plan. This program arranges and manages all aspects of patient payment plans consistent with the parameters as defined by you. All payments are made according to a prearranged monthly schedule and are handled electronically. Our staff stays in constant contact with the patient throughout the term of the payment plan. This light touch approach has resulted in 95% of the installment accounts maintaining a current status.

For more information on Thrive and how it can help you, contact CAIN Health.

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