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Introducing Cain Telemedicine and Remote Care

At Cain Health, we believe the relationship between a Patient and their Physician is integral to the delivery of quality care at a reasonable cost. The best outcomes are achieved by maintaining the existing Patient/Physician relationship.

Our Approach

Unlike other Telemedicine offerings that have Patients speaking with unfamiliar Physicians, we keep that all-important existing relationship in place. This has guided our approach to Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring. After all, who knows the Patient better than the Physician they have been seeing for some time?

Location Agnostic

Through the use of the latest telecommunications and medical device technology, we allow medical services to be provided to the Patient regardless of the Patient’s and/or Physician’s location.

Integrated and Efficient Healthcare with Our Products


Affordable & accesible care right from your smart phone or tablet


A complete platform for providers and their teams from scheduling to billing to documentation

Patient Portal

A secure communication portal for patients and their providers

Remote Care + CCM

A comprehensive system ensuring your daily vitals


These virtual visits let the Patient receive the care of their personal Physician, just as if they were in the Physician’s office, without the time and expense of a face to face visit. Other benefits of our approach include:

  • Ease of access by the Patient with a simple single click
  • Ability to have a third-party family member or consulting Physician involved in the visit
  • Quality care provided in a safe and secure environment for both Patient and medical office personnel
  • Ability to leverage the Physician’s time using other medically certified staff to provide these reimbursable services
  • Customized information dashboard for easy access to all Patient information. This includes monitoring of all Patient activities to be certain points of care are not missed.
  • Available as a fully integrated IT solution for total practice management or can easily be integrated with your existing systems.

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