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The Business of Healthcare

CAIN was formed in 1999 by Wm. Scott Cain to provide revenue recovery and management services to hospitals and physicians across the country. CAIN has helped providers recover and save tens of millions of dollars through our unique approach to revenue cycle management. As the environment has changed, CAIN’s service offerings continue to evolve.

As Needed

Our Services are provided and billed on an as needed basis. CAIN can manage parts or whole processes depending on the needs of the hospitals and physicians. This allows healthcare providers to stay within their budgets.

Pay As You Go

Our pay as you go approach allows CAIN Health to support any size of healthcare facilities, systems, and providers. We offer a level of expertise at affordable costs that are not usually available in the cycle management process.

Virtual Management

This approach allows CAIN to bring our knowledge and expertise to healthcare facilities and providers regardless of geographic location. Virtual based management helps healthcare providers and facilities cut costs.

About Us

CAIN’s focus has become increasingly clinical as the requirement for accurate clinical documentation and coding has become an absolute necessity in revenue cycle management. Third Party Payer Audit Programs have become the norm rather than the exception.

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