Your Complete Work Platform

Compatible with All Types of Practice Setup and Devices

Convenient and intuitive Electronic Health Record system that fits for all scales of practice setup. It is also compatible with multiple types of devices like PCs and tablets. This is a perfect solution for risk sharing.


Built-in Module to Maximize Your Quality Incentive Payment

With our EHR and billing service, there is tremendous opportunity to expand revenue between visits. It is perfectly positioned to help maximize this opportunity for you and your patients.

Electronic Health Record Benefits


One Solution For All

Solutions include PMS, EMR, billing, reporting, telehealth and portal. Use as a whole solution or use as a single system.



Prescriptions can be sent to any pharmacy in the country. Controlled substances prescription are supported.

One-click Insurance Verification

Users can verify patient insurance eligibility and coverage in real time with just one-click.

Integrated Fax Solution

Receive faxes electronically after they have been reviewed. Can be filed into patient’s chart.


Soapnote Dictation by Phone

Patent pending voice dictation for note writing. Free typing or template as your choice.

Lab Radiology Interface

Bi-directional interface with all major labs. Lab results trending and reporting are supported.


Track Specialist Referrals

A closed specialist referral loop that reduces leakage. Allows communication with any other EHR platform.

MIPS Report Supported

System suports CMS medicare MIPS reports.

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