One of the current hurdles for telemedicine is the lack of continuity of care. Patients don’t have relationships with doctors they’ve never seen before,” said Scott Cain, CEO of CAIN Health. “Patients also need a family member or a specialist to be a part of the conversation. We make that possible.

How do you visit your primary care provider during the pandemic? For most Americans, that question remains unanswered. Thousands of private practice offices are not set up to see their patients. Telemedicine alone doesn’t solve the problem as relationships with anonymous doctors and lack of patient and disease history are challenging to overcome. Doctors and patients need to connect again for continuity of care. Today they can, thanks to CAIN Health.

CAIN Health is launching cDoc, a new platform that puts patients in the driver’s seat. cDoc not only enables providers to connect with patients virtually, it also allows for secure integration of third-parties into the appointment. This enables primary care providers to connect with specialists the way they would before the pandemic. cDoc also allows a family member or caretaker to be part of the appointment, an important differentiator especially considering travel restrictions. Providers can connect with other physicians or pharmacists and patients can connect with spouses, children or other family to help them better understand what’s happening during their doctor’s visit.

“One of the biggest hurdles for existing telemedicine models is the lack of continuity of care. Patients don’t have relationships with doctors they’ve never seen before,” said Scott Cain, CEO and Founder of CAIN Health. “Many patients need a family member to be part of the conversation, or they need to gain additional insights from a specialist. Our platform makes this possible.”

cDoc is designed for private practice providers. Implementation is easy and can be completed in as little as two days. Patients connect through an easy to use app or through a “one-click” secure access to a web-based portal.

The cost? CAIN Health is making the portal free-of-charge during the pandemic.

“We designed the platform with private practice in mind,” added Cain. “There’s no downtime and the transition to use cDoc is seamless, and for the first three months it’s free of charge. Our way of helping during these trying times.”

For additional information about cDoc, visit online at and to schedule a demo, please call 602-445-9802 or email [email protected].

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